Sunday, November 25, 2007

Buying Handmade!!!

Recently I took a pledge to buy handmade (as much as possible) this holiday season. I am going to make this commitment forever! I have enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends on Etsy and am thrilled with all my new handmade items. Greeting cards, jewelry, magnets, candles, lip gloss, ornaments, etc. The quality of these items is exceptional and knowing that someone created them with their very own hands makes me feel awesome!

As a jewelry designer, I enjoy making things from scratch! A lot of *me* goes into each bauble I create and I think it shows. Beading is my therapy and meditation. I feel good when I am at my dining room table (my makeshift studio) and making beautiful things for beautiful women to wear.

I encourage you to take the handmade pledge also. There are so many wonderful artists out there. You WILL find just what you are looking for.