Monday, March 31, 2008

Featured Artist Spotlight....LJ Design & Photo


I met Lorissa through the Etsy Street Team, Fabulous Artistic Moms. She is one of my favorite photographers and I was thrilled to find the above photo as one of her SNS Secrets! I mean, what a score! This photo is now framed and in my livingroom and I find myself just staring at it for long periods of time. I love browsing through her shop and have found many more photos that I will own along the way. I am especially fond of her Motherhood and Mohave Desert series. Although I am also loving her bleeding hearts plant photograph! Lorissa, it is a pleasure knowing are a wonderful artist, mother, and friend! here is more information about Lorissa. I asked, she answered!

MJ: How long have you been creating/designing? When did you first learn you had a creative side?
Lorissa: I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. When I was little we had a family friend who was a photographer. He gave my older brother and I a box camera and some basic darkroom equipment and taught us the basics. When I was in High School it was the first elective I signed up for. I love all types of arts and crafts, but photography is what I always go back to.

MJ: What is your inspiration to create? What is your motivation to succeed?
Lorissa: My inspiration is life and capturing a moment, even with landscapes. Recently I have started photographing mothers with their children. I never understood motherhood until I became one myself. It is a whole new world, and I have been trying to capture the emotions and bonds of motherhood with my camera, but nothing can replace the true experience.

I am motivated by my own personal quest to learn and improve. When it comes to digital photography I am self-taught. I try, but don't always, to stick to things that I could do without the computer, but Photoshop is definitely less messy and no chemicals around the house for my little girl to get into. I do miss my dark room, but digital is just as challenging. When I do portraits I give each photo attention, rather then batch editing them. I look for something unique and wonderful in each piece. My husband would say that I'm not driven to succeed, unless you consider success taking pleasure in your work. I create for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.

MJ: When you are not working on your craft, what are you doing?
Lorissa: Spending time with my family. My husband and daughter are my world, and my mother lives in a mother-in-law apartment attached to our house, so I see her often. I wish we had more family close, but I try to keep in touch with everyone, including my wonderful in-laws. My husband and I like to travel and we are known to just take the RV out for a week(s) drive. I get some great photos this way.

MJ: Do you belong to any groups on Etsy?
Lorissa: Yes, I am a member of Fabulous Artistic Moms (FAM), and Photographers of Etsy (POE).

MJ: What is on the horizon for you? New products? Etc.?
Lorissa: I'm going to be adding more Route 66 photos to my ETSY SHOP and overhauling my PERSONAL WEBSITE to include my motherhood and flower photos. I've also started making ACEO's using my photos in a collage format; you can preview these at my FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM. I haven't listed any yet, but should be soon.

MJ: Share one thing about you that you think would surprise people?
Lorissa: I do not always have my camera with me. I actually leave it at home sometimes, even for some short family trips. This allows me to be apart of the moment rather then an observer. Sometimes the memory is sweeter then even the most fabulous photograph.

Mohave Desert Series

Motherhood Series

Route 66 Series

Check out Lorissa's Etsy Shop.... LJ Design & Photo

Where else can you find Lorissa?


Annie Howes said...

Gorgeous photos and an what an interesting person! I love her photographs!

Annie Howes

Nikki said...

This is a great feature! I'm a big fan of LJ Desing myself! I love the Route 66 series.

Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

Thanks Jennifer. I'm so honored. Your super sweet and I'm so glad to call you a friend.

Crafty Mama said...

Beautiful spotlight for beautiful art.

Leah said...

I love her photography, great feature!

New England Quilter said...

What a lovely feature on such a talented artist!

Lisa said...

Wonderful feature Jen!
Lorissa, your work is absolutely beautiful. I love the Mohave Desert series.

Jessica said...

love the hands!!!

christine mae Engcoy said...
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