Monday, July 28, 2008

Featured Artist Spotlight....Luv4Sams!!!

I met Lisa through the Etsy Street Team, Fabulous Artistic Moms. Since joining we have enjoyed many funny and endearing moments on the forums with other crafty mamas. Lisa is awesome! Funny, witty, talented, adventurous, etc. Her Etsy shop has an eclectic mix of fun, funky, whimsical, geeky, and kitschy. I adore all her creations but am especially fond of her typewriter key and dictionary pieces. I love how she re-uses found materials and makes wonderfully unique things with them. From pocket mirrors and cuff links to earrings and magnets, Luv4Sams has it all :) For even more information, check out Lisa's profile. here is more information about Lisa. I asked, she answered!

MJ: How long have you been creating/designing? When did you first learn you had a creative side?
Lisa: It all started in 2005 when my daughter announced she was getting married and it was a Medieval wedding - what, huh, I don't know anything about planning a medieval wedding - and so the story goes.

Both of my daughters are creative - one in illustration and one in photography. With the wedding, I dove in head first and started researching the history and before you know it I was creativing scroll wedding invitations with a wax seal, custom wedding programs, pressing leaves, creating custom place cards, etc.

Well, when she got married in 2006 I had all of this free time and starting playing around with making glass atlas map magnets to give as gifts and before you know it, I was selling all sorts of items on Etsy!

MJ: What is your inspiration to create? What is your motivation to succeed?
Lisa: I love to recycle and use items that people normally wouldn't think of. Usually I have to look and stare at an object - walk away from it - then come back again before I figure out what I can make out of it.

So I take items most people would throw out, like old atlas' or old dictionaries, and reuse them!

MJ: When you are not working on your craft, what are you doing?
Lisa: I'm thinking of working on a craft - ha ha! You can find me in my garden, playing with my pooch, snuggling with my granddaughter or boating!

MJ: Do you belong to any groups on Etsy?
Lisa: Of course, Fabulous Artistic Moms which is an awesome support network. I have met so many people and made so many friendships (you included Merk) - it is unbelievable!

MJ: What is on the horizon for you? New products? Etc.?
Lisa: I would love to have my own website and expand my line. I'd like to introduce a line of items made from cork and also brush up on my silver metal clay skills! But with working full-time, it doesn't leave you much time to create.

MJ: Share one thing about you that you think would surprise people.
Lisa: I like to ride my snowmobile at 110 mph!

Check out Lisa's Etsy Shop.... Luv4Sams.


luv4sams (Lisa) said...

Oh man, I'm blushing (yes believe it or not I do blush on occasion) - what a great feature!

Walk in the Woods said...

Nice feature. :)

Amanda said...

Fabulous write-up Merka!!! Love Luv4Sams stuff!

CBL&CO. Jewelry & Gifts said...

Great feature Jen! I actually found Lisa's Etsy shop through your fabulous map treasury where she was featured.
I seen that she was from my neighborhood and we had conversation back and forth and WOW, what a small world! We worked at the same place at one time and I know her SIL!
Beautiful shop Lisa, can't wait to see your future creations :)

Klymyshyn Design said...

Lisa's work is fantastic and irresistable!

sewinggranny Mona said...

Jennifer...beautiful feature on a beautiful person...I have chatted to Luv on a number of occassions as well!!!

sweetpicklespottery said...

nice feature! One of my FAvorite FAMS! Luv Luv4Sams.. :)

kim* said...

great items.