Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekly Inspiration Photo...Get Creative!


I love looking at things from a different perspective. Normally flowers past their prime, if you know what I mean, aren't very appealing. My husband brought home a dozen tulips for me recently. Then we went on vacation...coming home to find them wilted. But even with the petals folded back and the flower itself rather droopy, I thought they were still beautiful. The colors remained vibrant and true and I really felt like they were worthy of a photo and an inspiration. So, there you go. Hopefully, you will be inspired this week to look at things differently and use new materials or unlikely components in your wonderful creations.

Now, go get creative!


holly said...

Excellent! I love taking pictures of old garages. I love the peeling paint, boarded up windows and just the forgotten look. Glad you enjoyed the flowers even when they weren't at their prettiest!

Are You An Artist said...

Absolutely! It's like driving home using a different route than you normally do. It gets the creative juices flowing. I don't know why, but it really works!


Melissa said...

Love the picture. It still does look pretty.