Monday, June 2, 2008

Featured Artist Spotlight...CraftsByChris!!!

Chris Dembinski is a woman of many talents. Not only does she make incredible polymer clay beads, she designs fabulous jewelry, AND creates original pieces of art. Check out her second Etsy shop BCArtwerks.There you will find a collection of ACEOs, acrylics, watercolors, digital artworks, and photography prints. Her work has been featured in Polymer Cafe...check out the cover :)

I *met* Chris on eBay a few years ago through some jewelry and bead groups and I've been a huge fan of her work since. I use a lot of her beads in my own creations! Now we are both on Etsy and belong to the Etsy Angels Team where we help to raise funds for various charities and causes. Chris is a truly gifted person with a huge heart. I feel very lucky to have her as a friend. here is more information about Chris. I asked, she answered!

MJ: How long have you been creating/designing? When did you first learn you had a creative side?
CD: It seems like I've always done some kind of craft. My grandmother taught me to crochet and embroidery. My mom had a ceramic shop in our basement when I was a kid. I started out 13 years ago making shirts with sewed fabric designs along with other assorted crafty items. I also made earrings and other jewelry to match. I still do some jewelry designing, but mainly make polymer clay beads now.

MJ: What is your inspiration to create? What is your motivation to succeed?
CD: My inspiration to create comes in many forms. Nature is a big source of inspiration, but it also comes from just about everything around me, colors, fabrics, shapes, patterns, textures. I've always been the type to see something and say to myself, I can do that.

My greatest motivation to succeed is my children. I like being able to be home to get my kids off to school and to be here when they come home. There is also a need to create, it's just a part of who I am.

MJ: When you are not working on your craft, what are you doing?
CD: Laundry. It's a never ending job. When I'm not working on my craft or doing laundry, I like to spend time with my hubby and kids. We like to go camping and swimming in the summer.

MJ: Do you belong to any groups on Etsy?
CD: Yes, I belong to Etsy Angels (EANGTEAM), The Bead Hive(BHV TEAM) and Tranquil Beading Oasis (TBO TEAM).

MJ: What is on the horizon for you? New products? Etc.?
CD: More beads! There are some new tutorials in the works and maybe a bead show or two. I am also working on website to help promote Indie Artists.

Check out Chris' Etsy Shop.... CraftsByChris


CBL&CO. Jewelry & Gifts said...

Chris is just a wonderful person and I love her to pieces!
I love to add her polymer beads to my jewelry designs and I am in love with a custom set of paintings she did for me! You are awesome Chris :)

Bamdesigns said...

WOW great feature- very nice jewelry.

Amanda said...

Great feature on a fabulous Artist. I just love her beads, soooo smooth and so sparkly!!! They look great with anything, or just by themselves.

I love reading your posts :)

Sewinggranny Mona said...

Ok..I will try this one more time...I tried posting 3 times and something always goes wrong!!! Chris is a wonderful caring person and I am proud to call her friend and to belong to the Etsy Angels team with her!

Wonderful blog, Merka...