Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekly Inspiration Photo! Hope.


Today's inspiration is about HOPE. I can't and won't tell you what to hope for. Only you can decide that. I, personally, hope for a lot of things :)

Until recently I had no idea that a columbine was a thing...a flower to be precise. I think many readers will understand when I say that I always think of tragedy when I hear the word columbine. So, how can it mean something so entirely different?

The above photograph shows a yellow columbine that was planted in my flower bed last summer. Actually, several varieties were planted...pink, yellow, maroon, white, etc. It is a gorgeous flower and the real beauty is that it comes back year after year.

While the tragic event will never be lost in my memory, I am happy that these flowers now conjure new emotions. Feelings of hope.


Amanda said...

Fabulous write-up Jennifer. I love that photo of the yellow columbine, and I love the inspiration that goes along with it.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful photo! I just love columbine:)

Leah said...

beautiful photo, I didn't know it was a flower either.

Nick & Jen Kelly said...

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Nick Friedman
www.duckpondpotter.etsy.comConcert series. Come out for a visit if you get through Brevard.