Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekly Inspiration Photo...Get Creative!


I love being inspired by animals. These photos were taken at the Western North Carolina Nature Center last month. Of all the great species to see there, this peacock was my favorite. Free to roam the property as he pleases, this peacock was a big hit everywhere he traveled. While I couldn't ever find him with his plumage fully fanned, I found these photographs to be just as interesting. The colors are iridescent, magnificent, wonderful, etc. Definitely worthy of an inspiration or two!


And, can you imagine having to haul those around?!!!


MountainEagleCrafter said...

Direct inspiration this week for me!

Way back before Easter when I did that HUGE Yarn Acquisition Expedition in Chattanooga I got some way cool stuff at the "fancy yarn store" - one was some peacock feather "eyes" with a wire loop at one end. I want to put them on hats but need to figure out a good detachable-for-cleaning way to do so.

I think a hat of just the right yarn with a peacock feather eye decoration would be awesome! But it's gotta be able to come off to wash the hat ...

Rosebud Collection said...

They are so beautiful..too bad his tail didn't fan out, but you still were lucky to see him.

New England Quilter said...

The colors of this magnificent peacock are very inspiring! Great picture!

Bee said...

wow, they are GORGEOUS!! thanks so much for sharing :)